GeekzHQ provides fast and responsive technical services that suit you best. Outsourcing your day-to-day management, maintenance and support of your business I. C. T. to us ensures the efficiency and increased productivity of your business.
Our team of Geekz transforms your business’s technology from inefficient to instrumental. We fit effortlessly into the workings of your business, for a smooth transition to more functional I. C. T. solutions.

ICT Consultancy Services

Providing top level technical knowledge and experience to our clients.

Network Administration

Coordinating, monitoring & maintaining our clients systems and processes.

Web Design & Development

Our responsive Web designs & development responds to users behavior & environment.

Cloud Telecom Solutions

By moving your business to the cloud, we enable you save costs, increase system performance etc.

Digital Media Marketing

A reliable team proficient in marketing our clients products/services efficiently.

App Design & Development

Our App development team delivers functional Apps catering to clients unique needs.

Management Software

Our Software Solutions help businesses support, improve and automate their processes.

Procurement & Installation

We handle procurement of ICT products. We also offer technical support, standard or custom hardware configurations & maintenance, all within budget and expectation.

Customized Client Solutions

Providing personalized  & unique solutions that help our clients work smarter & be more productive.


Over time, we’ve created a rich clientele list that have turned not just partners but family. Our collaborative approach to understanding the challenges of our vast clientele enable us deliver problem-specific solutions that not just help significantly reduce cost by accelerating timelines but also minimize risk.



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